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Obamacare is a Tax

This morning, the Supreme Court agreed that the individual mandate of Obamacare is not Constitutional under the Commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution. In short, Congress may “regulate” commerce but it may not “create” commerce by compelling us to make certain purchases.

However, the Supreme Court went on to say that, nevertheless, the individual mandate of Obamacare is Constitutional if it is viewed as a tax. Very well then, if the Supreme Court says it’s a tax then I will respect that. It’s a tax, and all Americans must carry health insurance or the IRS will compel them to pay this tax.

What does this mean?

It means that Obama raised taxes in a recession. He raised taxes on the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker. He raised taxes on the Middle Class. He raised taxes on small business owners who create the majority of jobs in this country; consequently those jobs may never be created. He raised taxes on the student with a part-time job. He raised taxes on the day laborer. He raised taxes on the poor. He raised taxes on everyone. It is the largest tax increase in American history.

It also means Obama lied in his 2008 campaign. He said no one making less then $250,000 would see their taxes increase. That’s a lie. In 2009 Obama swore up and down that the mandate was not a tax.  But that’s a lie as well. We’ve all been deceived.  To save his honor, to prove he is not a liar, Obama must announce that he will sign a repeal of Obamacare since it has now been declared a tax. But I won’t be holding my breath for that to happen.

Abraham Lincoln said that ultimately, the people rule.  Ultimately a Republic cannot rely on the wisdom of its high officials but must instead rely on the wisdom of its people.  In this way the Court’s decision may be a Godsend. It will force the American people to act. It is now up to the people’s votes this November to repeal this foolish and life-destructive tax.

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One thought on “Obamacare is a Tax

  1. Howard Dean (democrat) says obalmycare is a bailout of the insurance companies in return for bribes (contributions) they paid out to BOTH democrats and republicans. That’s why republicans only put up token resistance to it.

    What industry wouldn’t want the government to force 50,000,000 people to become customers overnight?

    Of course, none of these “conservatives” bitched when auto insurance became mandatory. This is largely modeled after that.

    “People get the government they deserve.” – John Updike/Author


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