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Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Barack Obama

November 2, 2012

From our corporate office in Moon Run, Pennsylvania, the top ten reasons to vote for Barack Obama:

Number Ten:  So every summer can be a Summer of Recovery!

Number Nine:  If something happens to Barack, Uncle Joe Biden has everyone’s full respect.

Number Eight:  Voting the same way as so many Hollywood Stars makes you feel so smart! Giggle!

Number Seven:  Israel Schmisrael. Them guys are a pain in the ass.


Number Five:  Because American politics should be more like Chicago’s — America’s model city.

Number Four:  Higher unemployment means more free stuff for more people. Oh the Joy!

Number Three:  Expert teleprompter reading is an under-appreciated talent.

Number Two:  As long as we don’t pass a budget it’s not really a deficit, right?

and the Number One Reason to Vote for Barack Obama:  Ten More Solyndras!

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