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Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Barack Obama

November 2, 2012

From our corporate office in Moon Run, Pennsylvania, the top ten reasons to vote for Barack Obama:

Number Ten:  So every summer can be a Summer of Recovery!

Number Nine:  If something happens to Barack, Uncle Joe Biden has everyone’s full respect.

Number Eight:  Voting the same way as so many Hollywood Stars makes you feel so smart! Giggle!

Number Seven:  Israel Schmisrael. Them guys are a pain in the ass.


Number Five:  Because American politics should be more like Chicago’s — America’s model city.

Number Four:  Higher unemployment means more free stuff for more people. Oh the Joy!

Number Three:  Expert teleprompter reading is an under-appreciated talent.

Number Two:  As long as we don’t pass a budget it’s not really a deficit, right?

and the Number One Reason to Vote for Barack Obama:  Ten More Solyndras!

A Quick Note to Remember for Tonight’s Presidential Debate

October 16, 2012
‎”The classic liberal,” Reagan wrote, “used to be the man who believed the individual was, and should be forever, the master of his destiny. That is now the conservative position. The liberal used to believe in freedom under law. He now takes the ancient feudal position that power is everything. He believes in a stronger and stronger central government, in the philosophy that control is better than freedom.”
 — From “Where’s the Rest of Me?” 1965
Remember this passage. Remember it each time Obama complains tonight that some Romney policy would “leave you on your own.” When Obama says that he affirms what Reagan accused liberals of believing — that “control is better than freedom.”

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